Monday, May 28, 2007

6MP Camera Phone - X5000 from Grundig

Just when you thought we"d had enough mobile phone news for the day, we figured we"d sneak in one more new item, this time disguised as a digital camera story. Grundig has just announced what we think is the first digital camera with a phone built into it.

img27The new X5000 specifications revealed at the 3GSM conference reveal that this device is really more of a camera than a phone.

First of all, the basic specification reveals that this is a 6MP pixel camera. While we suspect that it uses a smaller than normal CCD to capture the 6MP, we"re pretty sure it will keep folks from the "bigger is better" school of thought happy.

The specs also boast of a 16 million color, 640×240 display which makes it almost suitable for browsing web sites and doing justice to video downloads. This is definately one of the larger displays we"ve heard of in the last month or two.

Another first that we"ve heard of is a TV out connection which will allow you to connect your phone and show people your drunken pub videos with extreme amounts of ease.

The camera can reportedly capture "DVD Quality" video and VGA (640×480) resolutions at 30fps in MOV, ASF and AVI formats, which makes it a very decent digital camcorder — except for the fact that it has less than 20MB internal storage. Come on Grundig .. you could have just added some NAND based flash or a microdrive into this device! The storage can be expanded with an additional MiniSD card.

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