Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gadget : Teeny Tiny new camera phone


This new phone from NEC is supposed to be one of the smallest and slimmest mobiles available. About the size of a credit card and less than a centimetre thick, the N900 includes a camera and colour display.

It also comes with those all-important polyphonic ringtones. There’s 40 to choose from but, as with all mobiles, you can guarantee that every single one will be unbearably and embarrassingly bad.

We were pretty impressed when we saw this handset, as it really is incredibly tiny. Unfortunately, you can only use it with a headset plugged in, which seems a bit of a shame. Still, we suppose it means you won’t have to live in fear of losing it down your ear hole. We may be in for a bit of a wait before we get to try it out, however – it’s only just been launched in China.

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