Saturday, May 26, 2007

HTC Announces 3G Device Running Windows Mobile 5

HTC announced a new PDA phone called Universal which will be the first UMTS device running Windows Mobile. The Universal has a twist and flip body with a VGA screen, large QWERTY keyboard and dual cameras for video calling and pictures / video recording. In addition to GSM/GPRS/UMTS for voice and data, the Universal also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. HTC plans a world-wide release, including North America for the second half of 2005. T-Mobile Germany has already announced the Universal as the MDA IV. That model is a triband 900/1800/1900 phone with UMTS 2100. Previously HTC has released the same device with multiple radio configurations, it is possible they are planning a model with HSDPA 850/1900 for Cingular's imminent 3G network.

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