Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LG enV first thoughts

The new LG enV (say that time five times fast) for Verizon Wireless has been one of the most anticipated cell phones of the autumn season, and it just landed in our hot little hands. As the successor to the LG VX9800, the enV (or VX9900) inherits the popular QWERTY keyboard, but it adds a number of feature and design improvements. The enV officially goes on sale Monday, November 27, just in time for the holiday shopping madness. We expect it to fetch $150 with service. Here are our initial impressions.

Though the enV inherits the VX9800's overall form factor, LG seems to have learned from some of its previous mistakes. Yes, the enV still is boxy, but smoother lines give it a more appealing look. Its thinner and narrower than its predecessor even if it is a tad taller. And though it's still hefty at 4.6 ounces, it's noticeably lighter than the VX9800 and feels more comfortable in the hand.

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