Sunday, May 13, 2007

MC70: A True Symbol Model Citizen

Founded in 1975, Symbolhas been a leader in mobility solutions. The $1 billion company has its headquarters in the US and has operations in over 50 countries. Maybe that’s why the MC70 kicks so much butt.

Put the power of a cell phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager together and what do you have? The impossible? The MC70 begs to differ. The MC70 makes use of all these functions and more. It is basically a mobile computer with multi-mode communications including cellular voice/data communications,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This beautiful baby is powered by the Intel XScale processor and Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 which allows for better memory management, security & push-to-talk email capacity.

With the MC70, Symbol is targeting mobile workers in demanding environments like field workers reading meters, repairing equipment and me ordering a latte at Starbucks. This awe-inspiring device integrates both a 1D laser barcode scanner and a 2D 640 x 480 pixel image scanner. The MC70 boasts a 3.5 inch QVGAcolor touch-screen and either a 44-button QWERTY or 26-button numeric keypads and the sucker is trained to withstand shock, moisture or a tumble.

Nothing should stop you from ordering the MC70 right this very minute, unless you are not trained to withstand the shock to your finances of $2000.

Symbol MC70 PDA Phone.jpg

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