Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Unlocked Samsung D600 Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone

New Unlocked Samsung D600 Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone (Italy)
The d600 is a slider phone. Quad band phone. The successor to the Samsung d500 which was also sharing the same design. The d600 gets a better camera, a 2 mega pixel one this time. The memory card also has been changed to transflash, much higher capacity of storage as well as faster to access. The handset has tri-band GSM network access, world roaming in short. The integrated stereo speakers should give great sound effects to the mp3 files which it can play. In addition to mp3s, we also have support for aac and mpeg4.
Also a step away from the usual, the phone gives a TV output, allowing you to see the pictures and videos taken by the camera on the big screen. Connectivity has been given the importance it deserves by having bluetooth and USB. The 100 gram handset, the Samsung d600 will be equipped with a 2 megapixel camera which will have video shooting and flash (night light) .
Having photo ID means that you can see the picture of the caller on the beautiful TFT 256, 000 color display. Synchronisation should not be a problem with the sync ml support. The d600 enjoys a design that has already proven itself. With better features, it will only build on the popularity of the d500 and is sure to more than find its share of buyers.

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