Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nokia N80


AllAboutSymbian previews the nokia n80, and had this to say about the phone camera: "When using the camera, the screen switches to landscape orientation and the phone is held like a traditional camera. There is a dedicated camera key on the side of the phone which, when the phone is held on its side, is in the same location as the shutter key would be on the camera. The result of this reorientation, physically and on the screen, is to give an excellent and intuitive user experience in camera mode."

3G reviews the nokia n80 and comments on the feature-packed phone's camera: "When it comes to still pics, the N80 just falls short of the Sharp but still delivers quality snaps. Its CMOS lens can�t compete with the Sharp�s CCD-quality technology in terms of colour representation and detail and, unlike its Nseries stablemate, the N91, there�s no Carl Zeiss lens. The lack of autofocus is disappointing, although it will, naturally, still knock spots off any other camera-phone on the market. The 20x digital zoom works fine, but obviously picture quality deteriorates as you move in, while a macro switch sits just below the lens."

Infosync reviews the nokia n80, and is not very impressed with the phone's camera: "The camera interface is nearly void of indicators and fails to indicate how to access shooting options, while the combination of lacking autofocus and a lazy shutter requires a rock-steady hand to avoid blurry shots indoors even during daytime. Colour reproduction and white balance are admittedly excellent, but we could care less for the marring eight-second shot-to-shot lag, marginally functional macro mode and the limited range of the built-in flash with red eye reduction. "

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