Monday, June 4, 2007

New Models of Blackberry Promise To Be Delicious

Research In Motion, or "RIM," the makers of the delicious Blackberry, have promised that the future editions of their delectable fruit-named gadget will have cameras, MP3 and video support, more memory and GPS mapping — making businessmen and casual users alike soak themselves in blackberry juice in eager anticipation.

James Balsillie, head of the Blackberry makers at RIM and a prominent member of "People With Silly Last Names Inc." has also promised a Wi-Fi enabled handset — allowing for quick and easy web surfing on the move, rather than the irritating mobile networks of today. RIM also hopes to release other mobile accessories, such as printers, barcode scanners, and "digital pen and paper" - all of which will be named after delicious fruits and vegetables (like the Carrot Scanner and the Kumquat Printer.)

The Blackberry — known for its usability, slick design, and general appeal to anyone from businessmen to people who fan themselves with money — is a hot commodity and a fantastic gadget. Its latest handset, the 7130g, was a step above its predecessor — with a slimmed down design and the fastest smartphone processor ever.

When will the new Blackberry’s be released? That has yet to be seen. But in the meantime, users my drool over their current products at the Blackberry website, while, perhaps — and this is just a suggestion — eating the actual fruit. You know, to really get a feel for things.

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