Monday, June 11, 2007

Samsung SGH-i310

At the CeBIT show in Germany, Samsung ( unveiled the SCH-i310, the successor to its i300 Smartphone. Outwardly, the two devices are nearly identical. But the i310 is based on Windows Mobile 5 software and has an integrated, 8 GB micro hard drive built into it for storage of music, video, and other data. (The original i300 had a 3 GB drive, but a 4 GB version was also released.) The popularity of mobile music and video ensures that we'll be seeing more Windows Mobile devices with high-capacity micro hard drives.

The i310 supports GSM/GPRS networks and is EDGE capable. It has integrated Bluetooth that supports audio streaming, a 2 mega pixel flash camera, and a micro-SD expansion card slot. Samsung will also bundle document viewing software with the i310 and i320, for MS Office applications and Acrobat files.

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